Bespoke themes and setups

From whimsical wonderlands to rustic chic, we create atmospheres that fit your event’s heartbeat. Let our dazzling array of setups ignite your imagination. Choose yours to make your occasion truly unforgettable, or blend elements to forge something entirely unique.

Private Events

Elevate your private events with Party Bars' exclusive services. Tailoring every detail for intimate to grand celebrations, we guarantee a memorable blend of elegance and exceptional drinks.

Corporate Events

Party Bars brings a touch of style, class and flare to any event with our vibrant and professional bar setups and staff. Whether your looking at holding a formal gala style work do or a large festival style corporate event we have the setup and the experience to create the perfect atmosphere from any of our bar setups ensuring every event is a spectacular celebration with top notch beverages. Just take a look at a couple of our corporate clients and you will see we have the tools to make your event a success.
Corporate Clients

Festivals and Themes

Choose one or all of our bars to supply your festival or fete, with our range of unique setups your bound to find one that matches your theme to elevate your day with an exceptional service and a touch of spectacle ensuring your event is unforgettable. Let us help you make your event a standout success with our extensive menu and service that will keep your attendees happy and your queues to a minimum. We can assist in event planning to work out number of bars and best bar locations to suit your setup and numbers, menu planning tailored to your event depending on your expected crowd and anything else we can assist in.


Let us help you make your day even more enchanting with Party Bars elegant setups and services. Specialising in nuptial celebrations we can supply a range of wedding breakfast packages, pre paid packages, all inclusive packages, glassware packages or if you have an idea on a service or style to suit your big day let us know and we would be happy to accommodate. Being jointly owned by a happy couple of 10+ years we know how to craft an ambiance of romance and joy adding a touch of magic to your special day.

Theme Ideas and Setups

We pride ourselves on offering an array of themed party bars that transform any event into an extraordinary experience. From elegant to eclectic, our themes are crafted with creativity and attention to detail, ensuring each setup not only complements your event’s ambiance but also becomes a highlight. Dive into our world of themes and let us curate a setting that speaks your style, making your celebration a masterpiece of memories.


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Conveniently located in Bedfordshire, serving a 50-mile radius. For farther events, contact us for travel arrangements.

Secure your dream date with a booking, guaranteeing exclusive use of our charming bars and friendly staff.

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We handle it all! Let us supply your desired selections of wine, beer, spirits, soft drinks, hot drinks, slushies, and more.

Over 20 years of combined experience between our licensed bartenders, ensuring smooth and professional service.

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We maintain connections with local breweries, vineyards, and distilleries to offer unique and delicious options.

We embrace eco-friendly practices with disposable and biodegradable glassware and straws, supplying Bio Pak approved serveware.
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We help navigate paperwork by providing temporary event notices if needed.

We offer tailored wedding packages to suit all budgets, making your special day unforgettable.

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Go beyond cocktails! Choose from our range of teas, coffees, or opt for draught or slushie options upon request.

Our experienced and friendly bartenders are ready to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

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We cater to both cash and card payments for your convenience, with pre-paid, and part paid options.

With the options of elegant glassware, customized menus, and tasting prior to the event.


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